Monday, November 13, 2006

Physical Features and the end of the Extremes...

This week sees the last of the Extreme Environments work for a while, until we return for the revision period in April next year.
We need to finish off with a few physical features to get the background to Svalbard completed in as much detail as we can.
We will then be moving on to MY PLACE - you might want to start thinking about what you see as being your 'place' - where do you spend most time ? where do you know the best ? how can it be mapped ?


Holly said...

Thanks for this lesson sir its given us a bit of extra time to finish things off Mr P is a ledge x

RoZeY said...

hi sir im loveing this lesson. now sitting next to holee trying to recover my work bur she isnt listening to me boo hoo :( she might pay attention if u post this please. thanks you. RoZeY xxxXXXxxx << Holz