Saturday, November 25, 2006

Wonderful image above is a postcard of Radiator Springs sourced from
My son got the DVD of 'Cars' today for his birthday. We saw the film a few months ago, but now have a chance to savour the little details that you miss the first time round. Lots of Geography in there: in particular the impact of the bypassing of Route 66 communities by the new Interstate highway (I-40 in the film) I love the James Taylor song "Our Town" and used it as the music for the King's Lynn PhotoJam.
Get out there and buy it for the Geography department !
For more on Route 66 and its history, there is a great WordPress blog by Ron Warnick here:

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Tony Cassidy said...

Any excuse Mister P, to great out of doing some work. I watched the Omen, not much Geography there...