Tuesday, November 14, 2006


What is your PLACE ?

Where do you feel is your home ?

Do you consider yourself to be BRITISH ? ENGLISH ? a NORFOLK person ? a KING'S LYNN person ? a _________ street person ?

Thanks to 3DFlags for the excellent animated flag: available from http://www.3dflags.com

Where is your place ?
How can your place be represented ?
What do you know already about your place ?
How do you feel about your place ?
Why is your place important to you, and to other people ?
What links your place to other places ?
What is distinctive about your place ?
How is your place influenced by other places ?

These and many other questions will be answered over the next few months.
Come prepared to talk about MY PLACE...

This is an interesting article too: So you think you're English ?

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