Tuesday, November 21, 2006

Images of My Place

OK, so today we were exploring the images that represent 'My Place': starting off with "Images of England (or Britain), then Images of East Anglia (or Norfolk) then Images of King's Lynn.
MY PLACE involves 4 of the 5 themes (FUGIS above)

We started with a little PhotoJam I put together. If you want to see this, I'll add a link shortly to where you can watch it online. The music I used was 'Land of Hope and Glory'.
There were some good ideas coming through, and what we are going to do is collate the images that you come up with and produce a Top 10 for the group of the images we think best represent our place to people from other places, times or planets...

What about my own Top 10 ? Well, it would have to include Fish and Chips (Wikipedia image below was taken in Hunstanton - spooky!)I'd also want to include something from Yorkshire, a pint of ale - Tim Taylor's Landlord for preference, sitting on Scarborough beach in a deckchair on a cold Bank Holiday perhaps...
What are your images of 'My Place' ? Why not add a comment below and explore the ICONS site for more.
Remember that the images don't have to be pictures. They could be:
  • the first lines of poems
  • the titles of books
  • songs
  • films
  • plants or flowers
  • sounds: leather on willow anyone ?
  • smells: freshly cut grass ?
  • items of clothing
  • seasonal events in the calendar
  • festivals or annual activities e.g. cheese rolling...
Think perhaps about what you would most miss if you went to live abroad ?
Then narrow the focus to your particular county, and then your particular town...

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