Tuesday, November 07, 2006

How very convenient !

A fantastic icy image which was posted by FLICKr User Tervaaja - great work ! Really gives a nice impression of an icy landscape, and shows what is available out there on the net.

A few things...
First of all, from Friday at the Majestic Cinema in King's Lynn next week is the Al Gore film: "An Inconvenient Truth". I recommend you go along and see it - I'll be there at some point. Click the widget below to pledge: put in a 5 digit number for the ZIP. I'll also be buying the DVD for the Geography department as a resource.

Second thing is that there is a useful site relating to climate change put together by Ben and Jerry's, who make ice cream.
They offer a chance for people to become ambassadors and visit foreign locations. Some useful resources on the site. Click the picture below to take a look at what is on offer.
and finally, a nice page of images from Galen Frysinger HERE.


Anonymous said...

I love this website

james horn

Anonymous said...

i enjoyed these lessons

daniel stinton