Saturday, November 04, 2006

Filtering and Fold Mountains

Hopefully this blog will soon be back to normal.
The local authority decided to filter out all the pictures last week, and I have arranged for the block to be lifted. We'll see how long it takes. The pictures are vital for most of the posts, especially given the efforts made by Steve Johnston.
Coming soon to all schools in the country is a copy of Michael Palin's "Himalayas" book, as part of the Action Plan for Geography.

The Geography Teaching Today website has a new section of ideas on using your new Himalayas resource.
Some schools will be using the Himalayas as their Extreme Environment case study.

Also coming soon will be more details on the project we're involved in as part of the Action Plan for Geography. We will be setting a task to sort out the pupils that we take with us. Mrs. Clarke and I willbe going over to Leicester in a couple of weeks time for a planning meeting.

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