Saturday, November 04, 2006

Christmas is Coming, and it's coming from China !

As I said on Friday, we'll be finishing off the Svalbard work next week.
Around the middle of December we'll have a quick sneak preview of the work on the People as Consumers unit when we look at CHRISTMAS and the consumer aspects of this holiday.
This weekend, Felixstowe made the news as the largest container ship in the world (it can carry 11 000 containers!) arrived full of goods from China.
Its arrival was reported on the BBC NEWS site, and the GUARDIAN also had a useful article.
The container ship is called the EMMA MAERSK. It will apparently take about 3 days to unload the UK consignment of materials. Felixstowe is one destination on a route which included Gothenburg, Yantian (China), Hong Kong and Tanjung Pelepas (Malaysia)
The ship is a quarter of a mile long !

There's a very useful PHOTO STORY following a toy car from design to sale here.
An interesting article here on SANTA's LITTLE HELPERS: children not elves...

The ship contained the following items according to the 'Independent on Sunday':
2 million christmas decorations
thousands of electrical goods
12 800 mp3 players
33 000 cocktail shakers
150 tons of New Zealand lamb
thousands of frozen chickens
138 000 tins of cat food

I will be absent from the first part of the lesson on Tuesday as I have a meeting. I will of course let you know once more what to do, but it will also be posted here on Monday. Remember that both Task A and Task B need to be completed.

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