Monday, October 09, 2006

Work for 10th October

This is my cover work for today's lesson, as I'm on A level fieldwork.
You need to follow the advice at this webpage:
Also check out a few websites:
The Cape Farewell website (the original journey which the CD ROM pack you have was based on...)
We have a copy of the Burning Ice book that is mentioned. Ask me if you want to take a look.

Using the links from my Global Warming page, collect 10 pieces of evidence that Global Warming is happening.
Think about how Global Warming is likely to affect:
a) the landscape of Svalbard
b) the wildlife of Svalbard
c) the people of Svalbard

For section b) I recommend you visit the Greenpeace THIN ICE website, which looks at the effect of thinning sea ice on Polar Bears.
For more, read the cover work. Good luck ! Work hard !

Also keep an eye out soon for Mrs. Clarke's first postings on the blog.

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