Friday, October 20, 2006

Smell the Coffee

Geography and Coffee

Black Gold Movie
A new movie which looks like being useful for Geographers... Looks at the coffee business. Can you spot the inequalities coming up ??
This looks like being useful for the People as Consumers Unit.

Channel 4 also sent me a flyer yesterday about a new DVD they're offering which looks at the Culture of Consumption. May be worth checking out...


RoZeY said...

hi my p. how are you today. i noticed you wernt at school. hope you ok. were in our lovely lesson again. cant wait to get going on our project. its soo much fun and we learn alot. c ya soon. RoZeY

Mister P said...

I'm glad you noticed I wasn't there - I would have been worried if you hadn't !
Hope you worked hard on the task today...
There was a lot in the papers today about Global warming.