Monday, October 09, 2006

Questions on Svalbard

Here's a full list of the questions that you came up with:


How long was the journey to Svalbard ?

Did you see the Northern Lights ?

What kind of unexpected wildlife did you see ?


How high does the temperature get in summer ?

What’s the highest mountain on Svalbard ?

Does Svalbard have its own language ?


When you first visited Svalbard, was it what you expected it to be ?

Do you take extra precautions when travelling around Svalbard ?

Have any of your family visited Svalbard and if so are there opinions different to yours ?


Would you ever live in Svalbard when you retire from teaching ?

What was it like to see the animals in their natural surroundings ?

How did the sub-zero temperatures feel ?


How long did to take to get there ?

What was the worst part of the journey ?

What was the best part of the journey ?


What was the scariest part ?

How did you get there ?

What was the best part ?


What food would you eat at Svalbard ?

What do you do to entertain yourself ?

How much did it cost to go to Svalbard ?


What was it like being in a place with so few people ?

How cold was it and how did you keep warm ?

Did you take your own food ? If not, was food expensive ?


What did you do for entertainment in the evenings ?

When you’re on a long walk, how do you go to the toilet ?


How long would you survive if you were lost ?

What is the most commonly used method of transportation ?

What precautions are taken against hypothermia ?


What animals did you see ?

Did you see the Northern lights ?

What is the climate like in the summer ?


Was it windy – what does the wind feel like at low temperatures on your skin ? Does it hurt ?

What is the weather like there ?


What do people that live on Svalbard eat and how do they get it ?

Does Svalbard have seasons and if so when are they ?

Have some animals adapted to the conditions in Svalbard e.g. pet dog ?


From the ground is it noticeable how much ice has melted ?

What are the people there trying to do about it ?

Why did you go there ?

Have you ever seen a polar bear ?


What was the atmosphere like ?

What did you think of Svalbard when you first went ?


What was the coldest temperature you experienced when staying on Svalbard ?

Have you ever taken part in whale or seal hunting ?

Can you have a pet living in Svalbard ?


What is the climate like ?

What are the maximum and minimum temperatures ?


Have you ever seen a penguin ?


What troubles do people face in their daily life that you wouldn’t normally face in England ?

What’s the coldest temperature ever recorded in Svalbard ?


What were people’s houses like and what were they made of ?

How much sea was there compared to ice ?

How big was the glacier that you saw ?


How has Svalbard changed over the years ?

How many times have you been to Svalbard ?

What is your favourite thing there ?

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