Monday, October 09, 2006

People as Consumers: a Consumer Diary

I'm aware that there may be some people reading this who aren't KES pupils currently doing Svalbard as an Extreme Environment, but are perhaps doing one of the other topics.
With an eye towards the People as Consumers Unit, I spent some time earlier this year tracking everything I consumed on one 'typical' Sunday.
This would make a useful homework task for students.
Please also feel free to make use of my data - perhaps some sort of classification exercise of the types of things consumed, or perhaps a timeline of consumption through the day.
Please feel free to comment on other uses that you can think of.
OK, here we go:

Sunday in March 2006


Central heating – Gas – temperature below freezing outside

Lights – Electric

Kettle – many times during day – Electric

Tea – Water and tea bags and milk

TV – Match of the Day / Geography programmes – Electric

Sky+ box - Electric

Computer – Electric – rechargeable battery / mains during day

Broadband router - Electric

Battery charger - Electric

Broadband connection – anything consumed ? (bandwidth)

Night nappy – disposable nappy


Breakfast: Yoghurts / Cereals / Milk / Bread / Jam / Marmalade – Yoghurt pots / crusts / Yoghurt packaging (card) / Orange Juice – plastic ring pull from carton thrown away

Vitamin – foil wrapping thrown away

Vitamin box – to daughter’s school to make model of castle.

Wet wipes – thrown away

Toaster – electric

Toilet – flushed many times

Bath – Hot Water / Shampoo - Teeth Cleaned – cold water

Shave – rechargeable battery

TV – Thomas the Tank Engine DVD etc. – electric


Hi Fi – Electric

Squash and cold water – lots during day

Reading Paper – Paper (& the rest….) – recycled / used to make sticks for open fire

Washing Machine – Hot water / Electric / Washing powder

Tumble dryer – Electric

Washing pots – Hot water / Fairy liquid

Printer –Paper / Ink

Glass bottles from last night: 2 beer and 1 whisky – coincidence that I’d finished the bottle – not an everyday occurrence! – recycling

Stale bread: thrown for ducks/ wild birds – wrapper in bin

Lunch prepared – Potatoes (peelings), Leeks (Trimmings), Onions (trimmings), Carrots (trimmings). Mushrooms (trimmings), Quorn mince (plastic packet thrown away), Stock cube (foil thrown away), Tomato puree, Celery (trimmings), Olive Oil, Green Beans (wrapper thrown away), Peas, Brocolli (trimmings), Sausages, Baked Beans (tin rinsed out and recycled), Butter, Milk, Salt, Black Pepper, Herbs, Cheddar Cheese (local cheese chosen to reduce food miles)

Fridge / Freezer - Electric

Composted organic material

Kitchen roll tube – to daughter’s school to make model of castle.


CD re-writer – Electric & Blank CDRs

Waste paper- recycling

Sky+ remote - batteries

Post it notes – paper

Son to birthday party – Diesel – exhaust fumes

Birthday present – wrapping paper – thrown away when unwrapped


Work – marking – paper thrown away

Drinks wrapper – Capri Sun – thrown away

Dinner cooked: Water / Electric

Olive Oil bottle – rinsed out (water) and recycled – metal lid throw away


Collect son from birthday party – Diesel

Party bag – Sweets (wrappers thrown away), cake (napkin thrown away), chocolate coins (foil thrown away)

2nd computer – Electric & printer (electric) – paper (printing)

Washing up – 3 bowls of hot water

Parcel – Jiffy bag (recycled) – wrapped up

Pritt Stick – empty tube thrown away

Calippo – wrapper thrown away


Cleaned out grate and made open fire: ash (thrown away in carrier bag), newspaper / sticks – from local wood yard, coal (fossil fuel) – good quality anthracite coal, logs (from local wood yard – trees felled on Sandringham estate as part of woodland management)

Electronic toys – batteries

Strawberry sponge and custard – sponge tin (rinsed out and recycled), custard box (thrown away)

Washing up

Emptied kitchen bin and put in new black plastic bin liner


Lit fire – coal and wood burning

Penguins (chocolate biscuit not the animal) – wrapper thrown away

Went through week’s newspapers and put in green recycling bin (some kept for lighting fire…)


Lights on just after 4pm

Parcels – large envelopes / stamps


Beer bottle – glass – recycled

Paper from work – burned on fire

Washing up – hot water

Apricots, Apple, Pear, Grapes – peel composted


Tortilla chips, Cheese Twists

Bath – hot water / bubbles / shampoo / conditioner


Tortilla wrap / sliced sausage / Flora – sausage plastic wrapper thrown away & plastic bag thrown away

Present packaging thrown away

Paper receipts burned on fire

Coal and wood onto fire


Hair dryer – Electric

Tortilla chips


Nightcap: Single malt whisky (medicinal purposes...)

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