Thursday, October 19, 2006

Mister P in the paper

As posted earlier, I was featured in Tuesday's Lynn News as part of one of my many outside projects in the field of Geography.
This particular one is to do with the Give Geography its Place Campaign.
Before the article disappears off the Lynn News website, here is the text.

KES teacher joins national campaign
A LYNN geography teacher has added his name to a national campaign to highlight the subject's importance and call for its greater recognition.
Head of geography at King Edward VII School, Alan Parkinson, signed a letter and petition along with more than 100 leading geographers, which will be sent to Tessa Jowell, Secretary of State for Culture, Media and Sport.
The letter is heavily critical of the media for not giving enough recognition to the subject, and warns that a strong geography education is vital if topics such as national disasters, climate change and poverty are to be fully understood.
"It would be great if other teachers in West Norfolk could add their support," said Mr Parkinson.
"We are also looking for parents to add their voice. Geography is essential for an understanding of the world we live in today, and the one we are going to inhabit in the future."
The campaign, called Give Geography its Place, says national TV stations, including the BBC and Channel 4, have no commissioning editors for geography as they do for science, history and other subject areas.
"Rarely are geographers chosen to present distinctively geography progammes such as Equator, State of the Planet or Journeys into the Ring of Fire," it says.
Both the letter and petition call for the media to employ geography editors and to produce labelled geography content for broadcast, in print and online.
The letter adds that if the media "does not acknowledge the expertise of modern geographers it is increasingly putting society at risk from a wide range of environmental, social, economic and political threats."
Further information is available at
17 October 2006

Coming soon, Mister P in 'OK' magazine...
I'm also going to be involved in a series of exciting Pilot developments. Watch this space!

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