Sunday, October 01, 2006

How very convenient !!

A recent posting on a Geographical Association Forum led me off to the Australian site for the movie "an inconvenient truth" which is Al Gore's movie on Global Warming.
The site has a downloadable 26 page study guide which would make good reading for all those doing Global Warming perhaps as a Futures idea for an Extreme Environments topic, such as we are at KES.
There is also a rather good poster designing interactive game which I really like.
Here's one I knocked up quickly - I'm sure you can do better - you'll have a change to in a lesson in a couple of weeks time.
Check out the POSTER GENERATOR and make your own.

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Tony Cassidy said...

You must watch this film... saw it friday night. Excellent futures stuff for the pilot.

KES students may be interested in this post.

Any KES students willing to take the challenge?