Thursday, October 05, 2006


This week we are doing some Physical Geography ! It's rare to do Glaciation at GCSE, and this was one motivation for doing the Pilot GCSE as it's one of my favourite bits of Geography.
Mrs. Clarke and I are using the Boardworks resource to take a lightning tour through the effects of cold weather on landscapes. We'll be taking you through freeze thaw, or frost shattering, and go on to explain how snow turns to firn or neve and finally to ice, and how that ice is then able to flow, and in doing so how it erodes and transports material (although don't be tempted to call glaciers 'rivers of ice'...)
Meanwhile the Extreme Dreams journey continued, and will conclude tomorrow night. Don't forget BBC2 at 6.30

Tony Cassidy and his students in Nottingham had a visit from an explorer who had been to the South Pole. Read about his visit on their blog. Also, 2 students of Tony's have started their own excellent blogs. Why not take a look and ask me if you want some advice on how to start your own. It could be a good way of sorting out your coursework for one of the other pieces of work we have to do.

You also need to be thinking about how Global Warming might change this landscape, and what uses we might be able to make of Svalbard in the future.

You'll remember that I posted on the Svalbard Forum. At the moment, although over 100 people have looked at the posting and information, only 1 person, the PhD student Rupert from the university of Longyearbyen has been kind enough to reply. I'll have another go at the weekend.

And finally, your questions are about to be e-mailed to Scotland...
Watch this space for some answers.

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