Wednesday, October 04, 2006

Extreme Dreams, Free DVD and a message from Birmingham

I wanted to post tonight, even though time is tight, as there's been a lot happening in the last day or so.
I hope you've been following the Extreme Dreams programme on BBC at 6.30pm. It's now 3 days in, and the team of 5 are down to 4 after one of them had a strop...
There have been some good shots of the landscape and the effects of the cold. There are 2 more episodes to go - will they conquer Temple mountain ??

I've been collecting your questions for our Scottish expert, and they will be e-mailed tomorrow.
I've also received a very nice DVD from the good folks at Hurtigruten. It's a nice 13 minute DVD narrated by Chris Tarrant, which starts with some great aerial shots over the glaciers and goes on to visit Longyearbyen, Barentsburg (Russian mining town) and the 80th parallel. Expect to see it shortly.
Have also been in touch with another virtual colleague: Mr. Lang, who teaches at a school in Birmingham which is always extremely successful when it comes to exams. Coming up soon is our Coursework, and he has kindly offered to send a few examples of coursework so that you can see what is possible, and what sort of thing scores high marks. The task we are doing isn't exactly the same as Mr. Lang's but you will be able to see where your 500 word allocation might take you.
Also working on some Pingu resources - you'll enjoy them!
For Friday, make sure you read up on Glaciers and Frost Shattering ! Check Wikipedia.
And finally, in Friday's lesson I will probably be in pyjamas and dressing gown. 6th formers are wearing nightwear for Casual Wear day, and I'm a 6th form tutor, so I may bring my slippers too. I may have to leave teddy at home though, he's scared of interactive whiteboards...

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