Saturday, October 07, 2006

Conference Call & Cold Extremities...

In 3 weeks time, during half term, I will be delivering two sessions at the University of Dundee as part of the Scottish Association of Geography Teachers conference. The sessions are on Google Earth, so if any of you want to be part of this, and gain extra credit, please let me have a KML file of some extreme places that you have found. If you want instructions on how to do this, let me know during next week. Remember that I will not be here for the ICT lesson, as I will be out on the coast at Holkham and Stiffkey on a fieldtrip with the 'AS' Geography students. It's important that you use the time profitably, as we will be starting the coursework soon !

Extreme Dreams: Arctic
We will be seeing some extracts from this programme over the next few weeks. It was a great programme, made by Ricochet TV, and I will certainly use this next year as part of the introduction to the course.

Here is a description of the programmes, which I found:
Ben Fogle leads a team of five would-be explorers on a challenge to cover 200 miles across the frozen wastes of Spitzbergen near the Arctic Circle to reach Temple Mountain. The team begin a journey across 70 miles of tundra, but when a blizzard rolls and the temperature plummets to minus 35 degrees, they have to set up an emergency camp. The temperatures have a disastrous effect on Sian's health. When Nina can't wake her, the guides begin a desperate 48-hour battle to raise her body temperature.

The final episode also made a link with the Cape Farewell pack. The Cape Farewell voyage was made in a 100 year old Dutch ship called the Noordelicht, and this was the ship which the team had to head for as their original trip to Temple Mountain was impossible due to the ice melting earlier than usual. Not sure why the ship was frozen in the ice...

And here is a BBC article, which has GOLF as an extreme sport.

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