Wednesday, October 18, 2006

The Challenge of Svalbard

Here is the sheet you had some time ago which made use of the Cape Farewell pack, and looked at how humans have responded to the challenges of Svalbard, and how the archipelago (remember that this is the name for a group of islands) also offers opportunities for the people who live there.

Preliminary task

Complete the climate graph from last time, save in folder and

hyperlink to it.

Open graph, and use Paint to create a JPG copy of the graph using Paint

– save in Pilot GCSE folder as “graph name” (where name is your own name)

  • Insert the CD Rom
  • Open Portal
  • Choose People on Svalbard to open menu bars as shown on left of this page
  • Need to investigate 2 uses that people make of Svalbard from the choices below:




  • Use the CD ROM as a starter – do NOT use the Internet before you have explored this fully.
  • Complete the GRAPHIC ORGANISER diagram called a KWL diagram for 2 areas listed above.

K = What you know

W = What you want to know

L = What you learned

Useful websites – tourist company - useful BBC article – information whaling

If you find others, let me know and we’ll add them to the blog!

Extension Task

  • Choose one of the 4 excursions from the Hurtigruten Site.
  • Download and save the PDF dossier to your folder and hyperlink
  • it to your e-portfolio
  • Produce a PMI diagram for the effects of this excursion on the islands.

P = Plus (positives)

M = Minus (negatives)

I = Interesting (things you thought were quite interesting and might want to find out more about)

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