Monday, October 16, 2006

Bookshop open and the Phone Box answer

OK, so you want to buy some Svalbard related books or perhaps some Christmas presents. Now open is the new GeographyPages A Store in association with Amazon.

And a few days ago, I showed you someone in a phone box made from ice.
That was taken in the Ice Hotel: a structure constructed each year from ice extracted from the Torne River in Arctic Sweden, and made in a place called Jukkasjarvi.
Check out the ICE HOTEL WEBSITE for more details. The place looks spectacular, and I watched a National Geographic programme on it last week while recuperating from my illness.
The rooms are made of ice, and the temperature is around minus 5 degrees Celsius. The bar serves drinks in shot glasses which are made from ice which melt, and the whole structure melts away at the end of each year. It is full of carvings and art made from ice. Do a search on a photo site like FLICKR to find more (FLICKR is unfortunately banned by the school filter...) There is also a shop selling groovy fleece garments which look to be reasonably priced.

OK, another chance of a prize (I've only given away one so far...) - this time it's to do with the Ice Hotel. My birthday is the 29th of December. How much would it cost for me and my wife to stay in a room in the Ice Hotel overnight - don't worry about travel costs, I just want to know how much it would be. Put your answer in a comment (KES pupils only...)


brad said...

£122 for you and your wife

Rozey said...

well done brad. you will have to tell me how you worked that out.

this lesson is really good is'nt it?


braderz said...

yes mike this hotel looks brill top tourist destination brad

braderz said...

yes mr mike rose it iz brill this is by far the best lesson in the world i cant wait to make a blog yepey

RoZeY said...

me danni nd tilly.. are propa bored in ict ... nuffin compared 2 pilot geography :) cnt wait til nxt lesson x x x x

Mister P said...

Good to see you using your time in ICT so well !
See you on Friday