Monday, October 02, 2006

That Ben Fogle is such a nice boy....

Or so my granny reckons...
He has a new set of programmes starting on Monday 2nd October at 6.30pm on BBC. Called "Extreme Dreams", this one takes a group of people to Spitzbergen, and on a snowmobile ride through the Arctic. Worth viewing to look at the nature of the landscape, and potential impacts of tourist development.

Also a useful set of downloads can be obtained from the site of the Hurtigruten. This is the name for the Norwegian coastal voyage, which offers a postal service to coastal Norwegian towns as well as transporting tourists. It's on my Geographical 'to do' list. I visited Norway in the 1980s and the landscaple and people left a big impression on me - some great stories from the time which I'll no doubt bore you with at some point...
There are 4 PDF dossiers to download by clicking the link to the right of the screen, which would form useful background information for you on 4 areas:
  • Kingdom of the Polar Bear
  • Polar Encounters
  • Spitzbergen Ultimate Trek
  • Spitzbergen Kayak Camp
Worth downloading and reading to get an insight into tourism on the islands.
Which particular tour most appeals to you ?
What guidance do you think tourists should have to follow - is there a code for behaviour to avoid damage to the ecosystem ?

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