Wednesday, October 18, 2006

Another answer, and some Global Warming sites

It goes without saying that for your Futures task, you will need to visit my website: the Geography Pages Global Warming Page will be particularly useful.

Here are some more answers from the Svalbard questions that I sent - more later.


How high does the temperature get in summer?

Sorry, I can’t answer this – you might try Google.

Also try, and the CIA World Factbook at

While I was there, in July 06 and August 04, daytime temperatures were in the range 00 – 60C. There were brief periods when the temperature was higher, probably around 140C. In the picture you’ll see plenty of blue sky and sunny weather
What’s the highest mountain on Svalbard ?

Newtontoppen 1,717 m. You can check this out using the CIA World Factbook.

Does Svalbard have its own language ?

No. Svalbard is a Norwegian territory and so the main language is Norwegian. Most of the inhabitants are either scientists or are employed by the Norwegian Mining Company.

Like most Scandinavian countries, many people also speak very good English.

Also watching Incredible Animal Journeys: Steve Leonard following Aurora the Polar bear and her cub in Svalbard. Incredible landscape and the effects of ice. About 3000 Polar bears are thought to live in Svalbard, which means there are more bears than people... They are known as Ice Bears in Norwegian. He's just turned to the camera and said "See, Geography can be exciting kids!.."

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