Tuesday, September 19, 2006

Second ICT Lesson using Cape Farewell Pack

Hi everyone!
We had a second lesson in the computer room today using the Cape Farewell packs.
It was great to see everyone working away on their e-portfolios of Svalbard work. Remember that we want to have a Powerpoint which has links through to the main enquiry questions. We will then link this to the documents we have created so far. We will also use this to link to those of you who choose to use ICT to produce your coursework piece, although the coursework does not have to be done using ICT - it's your choice - more on that soon !!

This is a site which the school's filter might not allow you to use, but which you can use at home. It's called Montage-a-Google. Choose a search phrase, and enter it, it will then search for images - click Create Montage and it does the rest.
Check out Grant Robinson's site: http://grant.robinson.name/projects/montage-a-google/

You may also find the site which has the excellent name of FLAGRANT DISREGARD - lots of opportunities to make your own posters and be creative with images and text:

We also mentioned something which was briefly mentioned by Tony Cassidy at Kirk Hallam School, our 'blog partners'... he suggested thinking about how Extremes are used to sell products by being used in advertising. If we think about Arctic images, there are quite a few drinks such as Metz, Guinness, Fosters etc who use the 'Ice Cool' or 'Ice Cold' tag...

http://news.bbc.co.uk/1/hi/world/europe/5234194.stm - a beer made from water melted from the Greenland Ice Sheet

Homework for later in the week.

Investigate ideas of WHY polar regions are so cold - this will involve you knowing about LATITUDE and LONGITUDE and the 'dusty bits' of Atlases... Tony has also just added something on this to his weblog - see the link over to the right of the screen...

A folder of images taken by someone who has visited Svalbard will be made available soon for you to use.
For next lesson, start thinking of a question you want answering which could be answered by someone who's been to Svalbard...
What could you ask them ? What intrigues you about the place ?

And finally, there is a prize to anyone who can identify this man !
Clue: he completed the world's biggest jigsaw puzzle !!

Just chillin...

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