Saturday, September 23, 2006

The Mystery Man

No one guessed the identity of the mystery man.
His name is Alfred Wegener.
There will be some reward for any pupils who come to Tuesday's lesson in the ICT room with some information on the great man, and these 2 areas:
a) the contribution he made to our understanding of the structure of the earth
b) his link to the Arctic and extreme environments

And if you are planning on buying me a Christmas present... (yeah right...), or perhaps one for Mrs. Clarke ! (more likely...) I'll have one of these mugs, which you can get from Lazybones
Fill it with a hot drink and watch the continents disappear as Global Warming takes hold...
Remember that Global Warming is one of the FUTURES aspects of Svalbard.
Feeling hot hot hot !

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Tony Cassidy said...

Now Wegener, why does World War I and strange dreams come to mind?