Saturday, September 23, 2006

Geography and Food (People as Consumers)

This is a little premature, as it really relates to the People as Consumers unit, which you will get a taster of in December, and then return to in late January.
The unit looks at the impact of what we buy, and we will be looking at a range of products, such as bananas and Fairtrade items. I am currently planning on linking with the Co-op in some way, as they stock a range of Fairtrade items, or failing that some other large supermarket chain...

Geography and Food also link in the introduction of what is called "Protected Geographical Indication" status for certain foods. When I was in Scotland over the summer, I took a wander along the cliffs north of Arbroath (as you do...) and after an ice cream it was time to get some Arbroath Smokies.
What are they ?
Here is a Wikipedia article about them

Arbroath Smokies:

and they are delicious barbequed with a bit of butter...
The link to Geography is that only smokies smoked in Arbroath (often over fires which are made from chippings made from old whisky barrels) can be called Arbroath Smokies.

Other examples are Champagne, Feta Cheese, Scotch Whisky and something which I've just got out of the fridge ready to put on top of my cauliflower cheese (served with oven roasted vegetables...) which I'm just cooking between postings...

Wensleydale Dairy has prospered following its link with Wallace and Gromit.

What other GI foods can you find ?
What food products are specific to Norfolk, or are linked with Norfolk ?
What geographical references can you find in the films of Wallace and Gromit ?
One real link is to do with the Aardman animation firm, which produced a range of animations to support the new Countryside Code.You can watch the videos from the site above...

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